Our Team

Median is made up of a collective of exquisite generalists who are deeply passionate about creating meaningful experiences. We come from diverse backgrounds including interaction design, psychology, sociology, strategy, and research.*


Athena Diaconis

Athena is a researcher by training (and nature) who has a knack for deconstructing human behavior. She’s spent her career researching and implementing human-centered service design. Her fascination with experiential learning and behavioral development began while working in D.C., researching education and community development programs. After swapping the public sector for the private one, Athena worked as a strategist and coach at Undercurrent as well as a team designer for NOBL. These roles afforded her the opportunity to lead change initiatives at Pepsico, GE, and Calvin Klein helping leaders to embrace new mindsets towards change and develop new cultural practices and ways-of-working. Athena holds an interdisciplinary social science degree from Cornell University. You can usually find her tinkering on a home improvement project, practicing her radio voice, or chatting up strangers to hear a good story.

Alex Todaro

Alex has always been passionate about using design to enable the efficacy of people. In his life and career he actively experiments with physical and behavioral environments to understand how they facilitate trust, collaboration, and autonomy. Most famous is his Dining Interactions thesis, which he conducted while earning an MFA in Interaction Design from The School of Visual Arts. More recently, Alex’s work has focused on using principles of design to create human-centered work cultures. He began testing these ideas at Undercurrent, where he was a Director of Design Strategy. There, Alex led change initiatives with leaders from GE, and Makerbot. When he’s not building experience-altering furniture, he spends time working on his growing puzzle collection.



Advisory Collective

It's important to keep things fresh so we surround ourselves with some
of the best learning and development talent out there. Together we share theory to develop our practice. 
There's also a fair amount of .gifs, lolz, and dancing. 

   Mackenzie Millar  Innovation Strategist, Frog

Mackenzie Millar
Innovation Strategist, Frog

   Jen Dennard  Culture & Diversity, Medium

Jen Dennard
Culture & Diversity, Medium

   Zofia Ciechowska  Business Strategy & Operations, Spotify

Zofia Ciechowska
Business Strategy & Operations, Spotify